Two reasons that I am happy my sister is married to my brother in law : 1) I have two super cute nieces. 2) He comes from Makassar.

There are more, of course – but everything else deviates from the point that he comes from Makassar and I strongly believe that Makassar has one of the best culinary scene in Indonesia. It is a gateway for other destinations on the island but it is worth visiting just for all the food you can eat, so I am constantly looking for reasons to go! If you don’t believe me, I had 8 meals in one day. Eight friggin meals, ladies and gentlemen, I wasn’t even sure how I could fit everything in!

If you have plans to visit Makassar, here are few places that the locals go for guaranteed great food – your waist line will never be the same again, but I know you’ll thank me.

The Most Fresh Seafood at Apong


If you can eat at one place and one place only in Makassar, let it be Apong. It’s always full and always fresh, really I really don’t mean to sugarcoat it, but I drooled at the thought of their Palumara soup, fresh chilli condiments, kepiting saus padang, and every seafood dish you can think of. Best of all? The price is actually very affordable for such high quality seafood.

Welcome to the Bakmi Club, Mi Palu!


If you come here starving, then Mi Palu’s ‘small’ portion will have you think otherwise after few minutes. We hunted Mi Palu on Chinese New Year – and not so easily, as almost all food establishments were closed. Luckily, this one opened their door!  The noodle is handmade, with thick and chewy texture with overflowing toppings. I am officially in noodle heaven.

Nasi Kuning Breakfast


Nothing beats a generous breakfast portion of nasi kuning at __ before you crossed the short distance to Samalona island or in my case, a 5-hour road trip to Tanjung Bira (read about it here.) The side dish? Eggs, fried beef, paru (beef lung – seriously, it doesn’t taste as weird as it sounds), chili jam and sweet potato. Simple, but sets you off on the right note for the day.

Sop Sodara

Sop Sodara has garlic, shallot, candlenut, coriander, cumin, ginger, galangal, lime leaf, lemongrass, nutmeg and cinnamon – so imagine the burst of flavor in one bowl! It is just so, so good. Served with grilled fish, beef, offals, eggs, and perkedel (potato patty of some sort.), this was the first dish I had in Makassar on my last visit, and I certainly wish we had it more than once. Do you know that sodara means cousins/relative in Indonesian?

Es Pisang Ijo at Bravo

Thankfully, Es Pisang Ijo is a more popular dish from South Sulawesi so you most likely have heard of it or even try it. However, Bravo has other snacks that will tickle your taste bud if you’re craving for afternoon snacks and really, who am I to refuse Es Pisang Ijo under hot Makassar sun?

Air Tahu 43


Your trip to Makassar doesn’t get more local than a refreshing sip of soy milk at Air Tahu 43, which apparently has been around for 60 years. The soy milk is made without preservative and is so delicious! It will definitely put a sweet, fresh end to your trip to Makassar.


Until next time,