There is no denying that Seminyak is such a gastronomic galore, a blessing for the belly and a curse for the cash. I do find some places are prettier than others, pricier most likely but the food may not all be that palatable.

I was hesitant at first to make a food guide of Bali – of Seminyak no less, since I’m sure many of my readers are more familiar with this part of Bali than I am. However, I believe that at the end of the day, good food deserves attention and if I can share some of these gems with you, then why not!

1. Best Bang for Your Buck
Nomination : Aneka Rasa, Warung Bunana, Nasi Ayam Kedewatan Ibu Mangku

Winner : Aneka Rasa

Bet you passed by this warteg a thousand times and never realized what a gem it is, a glorious warteg at Jalan Kayu Aya that serves delicious Indonesian meals for under a buck. Well, the lady who runs it rented the place almost 20 years ago when Kuta was still the place to be and there was not much of Seminyak yet, which means affordable rent. Sadly, this establishment will be gone in a few years since the landlord won’t extend the rent.

2. Best Cup of Coffee
Nomination : Expat Roasters, Revolver Espresso and Monsieur Spoon

Winner : Revolver

It’s a tough competition since Seminyak is never short of coffee shops, but this one hands down belongs to Revolver. The eerie consistency in which they pull the shots every single time is a rarity and it is basically the first thing I look for every time I go to Bali (okay, after pork satay.). The staffs are also really friendly and unlike some places, I feel that they don’t discriminate in how they treat locals and foreigners. If it were up to me, I’d up their Zomato rating to 5/5. They also serve delicious food, but do try their Royale burger.

3. Family Favourite
Nomination : Warung Made, Nook and Monsieur Spoon.

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Two of Ahi Poke because I have one for myself

Winner : Nook

Located in Petitenget (Gang Umalas to be exact), Nook is a double combo of delectable food and a lovely place to hang out in the late afternoon. The place is quirky, relaxing and most importantly, my parents (who won’t care with Instagrammable places as they would about the food) love the food too! I fell in love with their Ahi Poke and I solemnly refuse to share a portion with others.


4. Best Breakfast
Nomination : Biku, Monsieur Spoon, Corner House

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Winner : Monsieur Spoon

I don’t know how heaven smells like, but it probably smells like freshly baked croissant at Monsieur Spoon in the a.m. It’s flaky, soft and crunchy with decent size. You should must also slather ’em with a dollop of butter and you’ll be ready to start the day! Also try their croque madame if you’re looking for heavier bites.

5. Best Pork Dish

Nomination : Warung Cahaya, Eatwell, Nasi Babi Guling Sari Kembar 99

Sorry Eatwell, you’re not the winner.

Winner : Nasi Babi Guling Sari Kembar 99

Believe me, I’ve eaten my fair share of Balinese pork-related dish to the point where I am just so DONE with it. However, Nasi Babi Guling Sari Kembar beats the big boys of babi guling that most people are familiar with. I found this place by accident when I stayed at Jalan Kerobokan last year and I sure was glad I did. The portion is decent, every crunch and bite just comes together nicely and they really focus on the pork as the star of the dish.

6. Best grill
Nomination : Bossman, Hog’s Wild and Barbacoa

Winner : Hog’s Wild

Gosh this is a tough one, everyone deserves the trophy. With all respect for the contenders who all serve divine food, I appoint Hog’s Wild as the winner. Juicy, flavorful and tender meat that falls off the rib with a good value of money, what else can you ask for?

7. Best Gelato
Nomination : Gusto Gelato, Gaya Gelato and Gelato’s Secret

Winner : Gelato’s Secret

Even though you can find cheaper gelato with more flavor choices and bigger portion, I think that Gelato Secrets tastes more real and they have flavors that are not only unique, but truly delicious to quench the worst of thirst under Bali sun.

8. Best Beachfront Hangout
For this category only, let’s make the pool bigger and more competitive than it already is by adding Canggu area to the mix as well. This means it spans from La Plancha’s Seminyak Beach all the way to Pererenan Beach.
Nomination : Old Man’s, Potato Head, The Lawn.

All we need is some Mr. Sun

Winner : Potato Head Beach Club

Although this place is too huge that it runs the risk of being too crowded, I love the super chill vibe and the extensive choices of F&B. It’s hard to be consistent and sustainable in Bali where culinary business turnover is so high, few years around and it’s still a place where I’ll come for the enjoyment and not for the pictures.

9. Best Asian Food
Let’s put Aneka Rasa out of the equation.. and we will face with the nomination of Mama San, Bo&Bun and Rayjin.

Winner : Mama San

This is also a tough one since I love all their heartwarming and soul-fulfilling food and while few places are more beautiful than others, I only judge from food and food only. This time, I have to give it to Mama San. Although it’s on the expensive side, it has strong and fresh Asian flavors that pack a punch, just how Asian food should be.

I don’t include few categories such as healthy food or nights out since I am not very knowledgeable in that department, but I will recommend Nalu for the smoothie bowl and Motel Mexicola for the cocktails. Hope the list is helpful and if you have tried more delicious places that are not on the list but worth mentioning, please let me know!

As always please enjoy my most favorite island in the world and my second home, Bali.

Until next time,