Have you ever traveled with too many make up products that you don’t actually use?

I remember last year when I was backpacking with my sister and I was surprised by the weight of her skincare ammo and it also took up a lot of space while at the same time, I could barely zip my toiletries bag..
Fast forward today, I am traveling with my good friend a.k.a super make-up master, Jessica, whose skin I swear looks and feels like a baby’s, and I got surprised with how simple her skincare regime is while traveling!

So that you can put the name to the face, meet Jessica!

To put the name to the face, meet Jessica!

I always try to keep things practical while traveling, yet taking care of my skin is also very important especially the fact that your skin needs to adapt to extremely different weather to what you are used to. So today I collaborate with her to share how you can bring products you will actually need and even have multiple use of. Plus, more room in your luggage to get you something extra!

p.s. : if you reside in Indonesia and are looking for make up products, check Jessica’s online store on Instagram : @beautecastle!

1. If you can only wear one skincare product, here’s a tip : sunscreen. Come rain or shine, snow or sun, always bring and re-apply. She’s a big sunscreen believer and I got hooked as well! Try to look for water-based sunscreen if you travel to tropical countries, as it is lighter therefore more comfortable! I love Biore UV Aqua Rich, which is not greasy at all and a super great value of money.

2. Jess doesn’t recommend beauty blender because you need to dampen the sponge and let it dry, I mean who has time for that while traveling?! Otherwise, damp sponge will give way to bacteria build up EW!
Anyway, sponge also applies more make up, which won’t be a good idea in tropical countries where the intense heat will have the make up clog your pores. Instead…

3. Multitask your brush! Use a brush to apply both blush and bronzer, and another one to apply and blend eyeshadow, as well as detailed contour.

4. Concealer > Foundation, which is much more compact and still does fabulous work to cover blemishes and eyebags from those long flights! If you do need foundation, bring the compact one instead of liquid (there’s always risk of spill!) or loose (trickier to apply)

2018-01-18 02.28.59 1.jpg

5. Keep your skincare regime (toner, moisturizer, etc.) in sample- and travel-sized bottle! You probably won’t need that much unless you travel for more than 3 weeks.

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6. Use your bronzer as eye shadow and contour. I swear last month I asked Jessica what’s the difference between bronzer and contour, all this time I thought it was the same..

7. What’s essential for eye makeup (and okay, good pictures!) : a good eyeliner and eyebrow pencil. It’s all in the eyes baby, though you can skip mascara and lash curler.

8. Lip tint instead of blush. Lip tint being water-based means it is easier to blend. Lipstick will also work but may be harder to apply. As to liquid lipstick, find one that isn’t too matte (which will be impossible to apply) or too glossy (well, d’oh!). It can also be used as eyeshadow, score!

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9. Instead of using micellar water and a lot of cotton pads, try a proper make up remover tissue which is easier to bring and use.

While I rarely use full make up because I prefer to use the time to sleep in therefore my comment does not count, Jessica and I agree that at the end of the day, you should give your skin a minimal make up and just let your skin breathe. The most important thing? Wear your confidence and enjoy your holiday!

We both hope you find these tips handy for your next holiday!

Until next time,