Admit it, no matter how we promise to unplug when travelling, the first thing you asked after ordering at a cafe is “What is the wi-fi password?”, right?

No judgment, me too – guilty as charged. Of course, you always have the choice to unplug but internet connection is very important for navigation, keeping in touch with family and friends back home and well okay, to update your Instagram. There are few ways I want to share so that you can get connected on the go :

Home SIM card on international roaming

Ideal for weekend travel to nearby countries, such as Singapore (if you live in Indonesia). Check with your local provider if they have good value data plan for the country that you are going to. It will save you precious time that you could use exploring the city instead of buying a new SIM card and setting it up, with weekly or monthly data plan that you will not use up anyway.

Local Prepaid SIM card

Ideal for you if you will stay for a few weeks in one country. Before you do the trip, do your research about the cost of SIM card and data plan for that particular country on this website so you can choose one with the best value. When I went to England last year, I ended up paying £11 for 1 GB of data plan that lasts me a week, good deal!

Worldwide Text Messaging SIM card

Ideal for you if you are traveling a lot and don’t always need to browse. I use ChatSim for this purpose, it costs around Rp 450.000 for a year of unlimited text messaging (emoji and stickers included!) in over 150 countries. This means Whatsapp, Line, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, QQ, Telegram, Blackberry Messenger, Hike and KakaoTalk. You are instantly connected by selecting ChatSim partner the moment you land and you can also buy additional multimedia data plan to send photos or videos.

Worldwide Data SIM card

Ideal for you if you are traveling solo to many countries and need to browse constantly. My sister uses Flexiroam for this because it is more convenient and cheaper than having to get a new SIM card every time you go to another country. The starter pack will also get you free 100 MB, which contains a small chip that you put over your home SIM card (don’t worry, there is detailed instruction!) so it’s easy to switch between your home card and your Flexiroam. It costs US$ 29.99 for 1GB of data with 4G speed and you can use it in over 100 countries.

Mobile Wi-fi

Ideal for you if you are traveling in a larger group that always sticks together like me and food. A mobile wi-fi lets up to 10 people connect to high-speed internet at the same time, so when you split the rental fee between the group of people then it can be really affordable. The rental fee is different for every country, so be sure to check beforehand and when you use it, don’t forget to charge it every night and bring a power bank since the battery can run out during heavy use. In Indonesia, I usually rent with Wi2fly.

What’s your favorite way to stay connected on the road?

Until next time,