Sailors, come onboard!
After the amazing sailing trip last year to Croatia with Medsailors, it didn’t take long for my sister and I to decide that we HAVE to try their Greece route this year. Medsailors is a company from New Zealand that offers 7 days of skippered yacht and catamaran sailing with the right amount of relaxation and fun. We have finally got back from 7 days on board the yacht and we love it! Of course, I couldn’t help to compare it to our Croatia route and we found some things we like on that route better and vice versa, so I thought this guide of sailing Greece vs Croatia may help you to decide on your trip. These are all my personal observations during the time that I did my sailing.

  • Sailing Route
    One thing I notice is that the Croatia Voyager route (Dubrovnik to Split) stops in generally smaller islands, giving more secluded feel and the islands are greener yet each of the island we visited in Croatia seems to have distinctive character from one another, for example Hvar and Korcula are quite lively and has the most amazing sunset yet Mljet is quieter but greener and just gorgeous.
    On the other hand, the islands on Greece route are consistently beautiful, the houses are so picturesque, especially at sunrise/sunset but I found it to be quite similar from one another. I also remember that we sail longer in Croatia than in Greece.
  • Activities
    In the Voyager route that we did, there are optional activities of wine tasting, hiring a scooter or a car to go to Mljet National Park, or Medsailors paddle board racing. In our Greece route, we had the option to do parasailing and other water sports, hiking to an old Greek amphitheater to enjoy the sunset, Medsailors Toga Night (which was quite awesome!). Plus if you are lucky enough to dock in Hydra, you’ll be able to explore the island by donkey-riding (d’oh of course, what else!) There won’t be a shortage of things to do, but at the same time you can also choose to relax and have an iced coffee or two. I think both routes have balanced score in this aspect.
  • Infrastructure and convenience
    This is a point where Croatia route prevails over Greece. For me, direct access to land (docking) is quite important as I like to get some coffee in the morning and to go for a walk anytime I want. In Croatia, we docked 5 out of 6 nights but in Greece, we only docked 2 out of 6 nights so we had to moor and have dinghy transport us to land and back or jump over other Medsailors yachts. Due to this fact, in Greece there is water restriction on board since the boat can only refill their water supply whenever they dock. In this aspect, Croatia wins all the way but this is a matter of priority, getting to land by dinghy was pretty fun too for some!
  • Sailing Condition
    During the time that I was in Croatia, in general I think the sea was friendlier¬†than in Greece, where the wind is more rough (although believe me, this is what you NEED on hot days) and sea more choppy but either way you don’t need to be afraid of being seasick since it is still comfortable to sail (except in the case of storms!) and often¬†always lulls me to sleep. A quick tip : stay on deck rather than in your room when the sea gets rough, fresh air sure helps!
  • Food
    With Medsailors itinerary where we dine at chosen restaurants for few nights, it guarantees that our big appetite will be taken care of and I’m happy to say that both in Greece and Croatia, the food is delicious! Both countries are kind of similar, but Greek mezze is just amazing and I find myself very full even before the main course. For me, this is a landslide win for Greece!
  • Price
    Greece uses Euro and Croatia uses Kuna, but I think the price for food and groceries are somewhat similar between the two.

Despite all the points I mentioned above, you can’t take people aspect out from the equation because I think the shipmates and the skipper you get are the ultimate deal breaker to get the best sailing experience. You can either rent a boat for you and your friends (and get additional discount for it PLUS another discount if you have sailed with them before) OR you can meet awesome new friends onboard, which we always did. Medsailors skippers are amazing and our skipper this year, Millie, is outstanding.

I like Croatia more because it was my first time sailing and it was very surprisingly enjoyable. I didn’t have much idea on how Croatia will look like and it blew me away! At the end of the day, I like both routes for different reason. Croatia for its lush islands and Greece for its beautiful towns.

Ready to sail away?

Until next time,