Today, I hit the 3-week mark on my trip and that means it’s the end of my trip to Norway. It has been an incredible experience and I have so many sweet memories of Norway and the people I met. For me and many others I met here, it is our first time visiting Norway so we are bound to find some surprising, unusual and funny things during our stay.

I asked a question to this multicultural group of people : what have you learned and what do you find unique about Norway and Norwegians? These are all our own honest opinions, impressions and observations during our stay, it’s a very personal experience and perspective for every one of us and therefore no offense should be taken, Norway rocks. Let’s hear it!

1. “There is no tall building in Norway and there are so many older people compared to younger ones. Oh, and you need to make campfire to stay warm in the summer. ” – Jasmin, Hong Kong
2. “Too many sandwiches everywhere” – Almost everyone
3. “Brown cheese is really awesome.” – Selin, Turkey
4. “Norwegians don’t eat REAL lunch. I like coffee but in Norway, it doesn’t taste like coffee, it’s just liquid. The houses are so spread out and the grass on the roof is cool. I like fishes in Norway” – Sanja, Croatia

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image.jpeg5. “There are 500 different forks and tools for everything. They have very weird handles to open the windows.” – Jakubas, Lithuania.
6. “Every little thing is either efficient and simple or efficient and WHY? And they eat bread with everything. ” – Nadav, Israel.
7. “People say mm-hmm a lot. They are really bad with food. The women are really muscular. People are never angry here and they are so chill. They are always talking about mooses but they don’t really exist.” – Itamar, Israel (note : moose season doesn’t start until September)
8. “Everything is based on trust, you can stay at a cabin and put some money in a box and just go. Nobody will steal and the cabin will be clean for the next person. Also, at the end of the winter, instead of embracing spring they would go to the cabins and enjoy longer period of snow instead.” – Wojtek, Poland (note : you need to join an association and pay membership fee to be able to stay at these cabins)
9. “For Norwegians, there is no bad weather. They are not interested in weather forecast because the weather is unpredictable. They are a big fan of hunting and fishing and the best meat for them is the one that comes from hunting.” – Christina, Belarus

10. “I like the grass roofs, it makes the houses look like they popped out of the ground. The weather forecast here is also even more unreliable here than in England. There are not always fences between houses, in England personal property is more clearly defined, either by a brick wall or a high fence. It feels more free here.” – Janina, England
11. “Norwegians are crazy super fit – my host father climbs the stairs faster than I do and my friend’s host parents climbed a mountain in 7 hours and they are in their 70s. I love tomatoes in Norway and mild caviar. Those uber cool houses on Pinterest? You’ll find it everywhere in Norway. I also find that people are very ethically conscious.” – ok that comes from me.
12. “They drink coffee in the evening.” – Marie, German
13. “People are super laidback and they have really good English. I’d say that they are really proud of their country, I’ve never met any Norwegian who isn’t proud to be Norwegian.” – Murray, Canada

All in all, Norway surprised me in so many ways and time flew by just like that *snap fingers* I feel so grateful to have the chance to see this country, so thank you for Lions Club International for making it happen but you know I haven’t seen the last of you, Norway. Stay beautiful and good bye for now. Tusen takk!

Until next time,