As excited as you are to finally start your long-awaited holiday, long-haul flights are tiring.  However over the years, I’ve had few ways to add more comfort and less fuss to my journey and hopefully yours too. These are all tested and tried by yours truly…and we are off!

#1 Comfortable Clothes Only

In the case of long-haul travel, comfort always comes first. Wear loose-fitting clothes and layer up with cardigan/scarf if you hate the cold cabin air. I usually use pajamas, really. T-shirt, sweatpants, and closed-toe shoes are my go-to. Wearing non-metal apparels can also save time from being body-checked so you can check in faster.

Some airlines also give a pair of sandals so you can change out of your shoes during the flight, making it easier to slip on, go to the toilet and stretch your legs!

#3 Put Everything in your Bag

I have seen many people leaving something behind on their trays when doing bag and body checks. To avoid leaving things behind and ruining your holiday, put everything in your bag when you are at the bag check, passport, phone, watches, wallet, everything, and don’t leave them just spread out on the tray. Definitely hassle-free!

#4 Find the Nearest Shower

Few international airports, like Taoyuan International Airport in Taipei, have free and clean showers that you can use during transit, but don’t forget to bring slippers and towel. It’s an instant mood lifter after a long flight!

#5 Pack your Hydration Kit

It’s super important to get yourself hydrated during flights. I recommend a bottle of water, lip balm, and moisturizer. You can bring your own water bottle (foldable water bottle saves space!) and get it refilled on the plane. Few airlines give travel-sized amenities that usually include lip balm, but bring one just in case. Since airplane’s air is very dry, this helps really well to keep your skin moisturized.

Extra note : bring travel-sized toothbrush and toothpaste and you’ll feel like a brand new man.

#6 Eat Well

It’s a Bring Your Own Snack kind of day because while you may get airplane food, munching on your favorite snack while watching movies doesn’t hurt. Also, cut back on coffee because it dehydrates even if the caffeine doesn’t keep you awake.

#7 3,2,1…Sleep!

Hands up if you sometimes have difficulty sleeping on long-haul flights! Here’s the keyword : window seat, extra pillow and eyemask. Whenever possible, I always choose window seat because you can prop your pillow on the wall and wear eye mask to block the light so you can sleep well.

And voila, you’ll be at your destination before you know it, whether it’s a far-flung destination or back home. Bon voyage!

Until next time,