Dear Hyperdia and Google Maps, thank you for your existence and for helping me navigate Japan. I will be useless without you, really.

Dear Takkyubin, thank you for carrying our luggages to Osaka. I’ll gain so much muscle without you, but probably back pain too.

IMG_9989Dear Osaka, don’t tell Tokyo but I like you better. 90% is because you have more delicious food. If that ain’t obvious yet, watch this.

Dear Ishidaya, thank you for the best Kobe beef experience. It was a heavenly experience and I savoured every single bite. I never thought beef can taste so heavenly although truth is, I like the A4 grade better than the A5. I really did not want the lunch to end.


Dear Katsukura, I am certain you have the most delicious tonkatsu I have ever had and I’ll come back for you.


Dear Houzenji Sanpei, you’re a hidden gem. My brother loves your okonomiyaki and he is damn hard to please when it comes to food.

Dear Tsukiji Fish Market, and Sushizanmai specifically, you convert me as someone who doesn’t eat raw sushi before to someone who actually seeks it, at least while in Japan. I can eat a bunch of your otoro any day, so good, fresh, oily (in a good way!) and juicy.


Dear Torikizoku and Matsuya, you gotta be the best chain restaurant in Japan and probably in the world, Denny’s doesn’t hold a candle.

Dear Gotemba Premium Outlet, I expect something more since we had to go all that way, but the view of Mount Fuji ain’t bad.IMG_9762

Dear Muji in Japan, you are exceptional, I just want to stay at your Yurakucho store for hours.

Dear Shinsaibashisuji, you are hands down the best shopping street in Osaka. My nieces’ stroller fell back due to the weight of the shopping bags from your shops, but you’re a fine piece.

Dear SECOM, I am sorry for pressing the panic button when I should have just pressed the talk button. Twice. We were really okay but thank you for coming by so fast to our place.

Dear my friend Adell, thank you so so much for all your help while my family and I were in Japan and especially for talking to the SECOM guy that we are absolutely fine and figuring out what he really wants.

Dear Arashiyama and Hakone, we don’t get to meet this time but we will.

Dear Japan, you remain to be the cutest, most delicious, and one of the most fun countries I have ever been.


Dear my family, thank you for letting me be your tour guide for the trip. I know you probably don’t have any other choice and sometimes I got us lost, but I am pretty sure you all had lots of fun. And Japan, you got my mom hooked on you.



Until next time,