You know it’s a big deal when a city in Japan, the country known for its delicious food, is dubbed as the nation’s kitchen or “Tenka no Daidokoro”, and that award goes to *drumroll please* Osaka!


Osaka has such a strong culture for food, eating out is a mean to relax after a work day and socialise with friends that means there were barely any restaurant completely empty, every nook and corner was filled with food each with their own fan, the great kind that goes to show just how seriously Osakans take their food with joy. Without further ado, let’s take a bite of Osaka!

I don’t eat much okonomiyaki, but okonomiyaki in Osaka is insanely good. Okonomiyaki Mizuno is a good choice (there’s almost always a line no matter when), the cooks will have your okonomiyaki made on the hot surface at your table for a theatrical flair. You can head up to the small alley near Houzenji Temple to my favorite okonomiyaki in Osaka, Houzenji Sanpei. You can choose the topping for your okonomiyaki and in addition, they also have yaki soba. I love their okonomiyaki as it has some crispy bites and the flour mix doesn’t overwhelm the cabbage, and so I came back the next day.

Okay now I will give you a takoyaki treasure hunt (In reality, the takoyaki is so good I forgot the name…guilty as charged). Just next to Ichiran Ramen in Dotonbori and before the bridge, you will find a takoyaki stall that again, almost always has a line snaking around. I’ve had quite some takoyaki in my life and I find that takoyaki is one of the best I’ve had in Osaka, and because takoyaki was originated in Osaka, that means it’s the best I’ve ever had period.

Kuromon Ichiba Market is also a must visit in Osaka, albeit being a bit touristy. Luckily it is 2 minutes walking distance from the apartment that I stayed at, talk about convenient! I’d recommend you to go in the morning to avoid the crowd, most of the shops open at 9 am. Have some (or a lot, I won’t judge!) of fresh sushi, sashimi, seafood or the juicy Kobe and Matsusaka beef. It’s so easy to splurge here and there so be careful and watch your spending. Or not. I didn’t and couldn’t hold back eating!

Gyukatsu Motomura is another gem, they only have one menu which is… gyukatsu. Your fried beef will come out a bit rare, but you’ll grill it on top of individual stove to your liking. While you can find this establishment in Tokyo, you can also go to the one in Osaka which I did. I came just few minutes early of their opening time and the line wasn’t as bad as in Tokyo, which I read somewhere had 1,5 hours waiting time. It totally lives up to the hype, the meat is juicy and they have very very good value of money. Totally recommended!

Basically, you can’t go wrong in Osaka when it comes to eating as I have yet encountered food that is not delicious. Foodies will most definitely enjoy Osaka and although I like both cities but between you and me, Osaka will always have a special place… in my belly. Kuidaore!

Until next time,


Kuidaore means “to eat yourself into bankruptcy”!