Impossible Disposable is a new feature on my blog where I will carry a disposable camera on my journey and travel around with it, taking moments as I go. 

For me, the limited exposure in disposable cameras means that I curate the moments I decided to take and carry with me, because there is no delete or undo button in this and that’s what I like. Okay, confession. I am a forgetful person sometimes, therefore I tend to forget about the pictures I took until I see it scanned, adding an element of surprise which I also seek in my obsession with postcards.

It brings back memories impossible to recreate and impossible to forget. 

#1 Impossible Disposable is from my trip to the States in January, spanning from Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Hoover Dam, Grand Canyon and San Fransisco. I picked my dispo up at a pharmacy store in Los Angeles. Hear the story behind each frame.


Bathroom break in the middle of nowhere and there was me, never ready for a photo compared to my dad, born ready.


A concrete jungle on its own, in the middle of the desert. I have never been a big fan of Las Vegas, although I will make one exception : the buffet. Oh, and the fact that there’s Shake Shack at New York, New York so I could have one without actually going to New York for it.


The landscape never changed, just more hotels, too much lights at night, ever changing shows, and lavish casinos. I watched Cirque du Soleil’s LOVE, which was their take on The Beatles songs. It was amazing and was really exciting but coming off a road trip from Los Angeles, I was quite exhausted and couldn’t help but guiltily nodded off few times during the show… I tried to stay awake, I tried!


Grand Canyon is an entirely different level of beauty on its own, the kind of beauty made by force of nature. I just stood still and gawked over how big and majestic it is (almost 450 km if you’re wondering), and how small I feel while my dad cringed and kept shouting at me not to stand too close to the edge because if I fell *knock on wood*  I obviously would not get up.


Egh, conclusion : long hair and I do not get along. But Hoover Dam was quite astounding, can you believe the construction began in 1931?! It provides water to over 18 million people in Arizona, Nevada and California although unfortunately the amount of electricity generated is decreasing due to drought.

I think we need many of these in Indonesia.


Just days before, the double O was replaced by double E. Yes, Hollyweed. Made a good laugh, damn it takes some guts to do that! Would have been cool to see the sign that way though.


A foggy, cold morning on the way to San Fransisco. The tour that I was on was horrendous. We had to change bus on the way to minimise cost for the company and spent 3 hours the first morning to pick up people before we actually went to see Fisherman’s Wharf in Monterey for 20 minutes followed by 90 minutes break to go to Monterrey Bay Aquarium that INCLUDES lunch time. Nonsense.


San Fransisco, I keep a mental image of you in my head. I like you, but don’t like how expensive you are. But I’ll go back for the food.


Catching San Fransisco on a good day, all lovely, sunny and picturesque because it definitely is warmer than summer days in SF.


Lombard Street was not in blooms when we went, much to the dismay of my aunt who loves flowers. However, I turned my head to where we came from (HIKED ALL THE WAY UP *stroking my newfound hamstring muscles*) and fell in love with the view.


I was rushing to get to the tram station, then I witnessed a kid’s joy as he went around all the pinwheels and kites. Just pure joy that it stopped me and also enjoyed the entrancing colourful pinwheels as it goes round and round and round.


San Fransisco, as seen from the Alcatraz, where I paid a visit for the day. Probably a prison with the best view in the world, don’t you think?


Out and about with their daily grind, while I was having my own : Blue Bottle Coffee just up ahead the crossing.


Trendy trams and the familiar screeches that come with it.


Literally hanging off the rail like a monkey while the wind blew on as I rode through San Fransisco on a cable car just for the novelty of it, touristy as it is. Like it is for many others, it was my first time and I waited for ever for the cable car to arrive and was so glad I didn’t leave to take the easy, fast route back by bus because it was completely worth it.

Not the best picture because moments like these are best enjoyed live, in real life.

Until next time,


p.s : tell me which your favourite photo is on the comment section below and why, thanks!