If I can have a spirit ‘hood (you know, neighborhood version of a spirit animal..), one of mine would probably be Shoreditch and it happens to be 15 minutes away from where I stayed in London by Overground. Since it was really close, I spent two mornings there (should have been more!). Every building and every turn is an art and I really really loved strolling down the street and wandering aimlessly. You’ll see why.

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You practically run to coffee shops at almost every corner and in the morning, you find people either having morning talk at their favorite coffee shops, going to one, or having a cup on the go. Even when I got off the Overground, there was a coffee stall! So of course, I couldn’t not do some coffee-crawling around the ‘hood.

Quick conclusion. (As much as I love coffee, I am not too much of an expert. It’s entirely a personal opinion.)

Trade Coffee at 47 Commercial St. makes killer Piccolo and has vast choices of light bites/sandwiches that looks soooo delicious and I would really love to try but my full belly didn’t let me. They also have really nice backyard patio. My second favorite after Monmouth Coffee. It’s not in Shoreditch, but I feel like it’s a crime not to tell about this place! I went to the one on 27 Monmouth Street and I love the coffee as it has the right balance and their pain au choc was also lovely!

Brooklyn Coffee at 139 Commercial St. does a good cup of cappuccino, but I found it a bit too acidic for my taste. They also have pastries, but it’s pretty pricey. It’s also more of a coffee takeaway kind of place because seating was very minimal, but you can sit on the bench in front of Brooklyn Coffee and enjoy your morning!

I have high expectation from Doppio Coffee at 90 Hanbury St. but I must say I am not a big fan of their cappuccino. It’s way way too milky for me, but they do have lots of beans and equipments so might be worth checking if you are looking for it. They have adequate and quite comfortable seating and apparently the locals love it because there’s always a queue.

The obsession with English markets goes on. This time Shoreditch brought me to Old Spitalfields Market which was my most favorite after Borough Market, since it has lots of vintage goods *cue fangirl screams* and basically many things that can put a hole in my wallet really, really fast.

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Outside of Old Spitalfields, there were few big names that open their stores there. But I skipped those and went straight to these beauties because I am a big believer in the saying “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” :

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I got giddy with delight by the sight of these analog cameras!

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I went craaazy at the sight of endless old magazines, Christmas linen, vintage postcards, tin box, cameras at Old Spitalfields Market, total sensory overload. I had better self-control not to buy every postcards I saw than I thought possible! *patting myself on the back* I can easily spend 2-3 hours here and not worry, because there are many cafes and food trucks with what looked like super delicious food.



Here in Shoreditch you can’t find a wall that isn’t graffiti-ed.


Shoreditch, I like you.

We’ll meet again soon, someday.