Calling all foodies aboard! Borough Market is everything you ask for a food market and so much more.



Borough Market was high on the list of my to-go market and I wasted no time to go there on my second day, which was on a Saturday. Afternoon. You can only imagine the crowd and the energy! While it was slightly maddening, it was so much fun that I got back for a Thursday lunch. I went both time with my friend and for some reason, we both got roast pork sandwich on both occasions (from different places but still the same menu).  We were either that uncreative or it’s just that we both really really like pork!


Who can say no to mulled wine on a cold autumn afternoon? Well, apparently me because I didn’t have any. But really, the drawing on the black board are really really nice aren’t they?


To break common misconception about London, yes it is an expensive city to live in and to visit (although not more than Finland, for sure.), but I found that you can also find more affordable and still delicious food. Pret a Manger, which are all over the city, is one example, and some of the food you can find at Borough Market are also quite affordable and oh-so-good. There must be at least 70 food stalls and cafes (I lost count, not that I counted) at and surrounding Borough Market, so you may find artisanal bread and cheese, chorizo, scallops and any kind of burgers, to exotic meats, gyoza, and so much more. It’s basically a food heaven for me but sadly I only have a belly (a big one) to fit all these scrumptious food.


You’re more likely to bump into people than food if you visit on a weekend. Do yourself a favor and go on a weekday if possible.



photo-11-10-16-20-22-57You can never see Monmouth Coffee without queue! I didn’t join the line, but I went early morning to the one at Monmouth St. and I understand the long queue since the coffee was soooo good!




Happy faces from demolishing our roast pork sandwiches and the sandwich before I ate it all.