Someone once says, every year travel somewhere you’ve never been. I intend to do that when I can, surely. However everyone who even likes to travel surely have some bucket list of their own. Mine changes and adapts over the years, I feel really grateful to be able to cross some and I just can’t stop adding things to it, hence the term “bottomless”.

Here are some of the bottomless bucket list I accumulated over the years (and still on going…), some of them you may be quite familiar with already and maybe you have it on your bucket list too, or maybe some you’ve never heard and peaked your interest. Either way, I hope it awakens the traveler inside you and inspires you to go out there and feed your soul with some always much-needed traveling.

  • Climb a mountain in Indonesia this can hopefully be crossed off soon *put hat on* *tie shoes on* *tie jacket around my waist* SO READY (I think..)
  • Sailing in Greece it still surprises me how much I actually enjoy sailing and I might have convinced few people to go sail Greece….
  • Obtain a diving license (this one dates back to 2008..) and dive in Raja Ampat
  • Run a major marathon first, I need to be able to run marathon and then figure out how to get in. Major marathons are in Tokyo, Boston, London, Berlin, Chicago and New York.
  • Swim with stingless jellyfish on Kakaban Island
  • Witnessing Aurora Borealis with my own eyes, anywhere.
  • Puerto Rico’s bioluminescent bay 


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  • Going through fjords in Norway (with several kind of transportation) and going to Trolltunga which I am sure my sister would advise against since taking pictures in a ridiculously dangerous place is just ridiculous but will still go since it has been in my list for 8 years now.
  • Stay the night in a real igloo
  • As cheesy as it sounds, doing road trip in Italy and learning to cook Italian with an Italian nonna!
  • Holi festival in India and just go through the country (yes, I understand that it’s big)


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  • I have never seen sakura blooms and I think that needs to be changed, ima! (ima means now in Japanese)
  • Orangutan conservation in Kalimantan
  • Rent a van/RV, drive around and camp in New Zealand
  • Actually call someone from the red telephone booth in London  I did not call someone but I did take a picture (or two..or more..)
  • Traveling South America I know it’s a huge part of the world and quite far away, making airfare pretty expensive. Not to add that I need to apply many visas to be able to explore. But really, mark my word, someday I will. It does sound very vague here, but my South America bucket list probably needs another post of its own. To name a few : Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia, Patagonia, Easter Island, Machu Picchu (!!!), eating churrasco, pao de quiejo, brigadeiro and attending carnival in Brazil
  • Go to the one of the happiest country in the world a.k.a Bhutan, just because. And also Nepal.
  • Good ol’ US of A to walk on Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls, Texas, few national parks, and New Orleans. And do a road trip. And damn to eat Shake Shack because Shake Shack, that’s why.
  • Watch Wimbledon’s final for men/women’s singles.
  • Iceland, period.


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  • North Korea, and yes you read that right. The North one.
  • Space travel because d’oh!
  • Having a home in Bali. Dates back for ever.
  • Backpacking Indonesia because I live amongst thousand of islands and I don’t need a passport to go my way through it. Something I definitely need to do more of!
  • Sending postcards to home from 196 countries

The bucket list is just a start and to be honest it’s pretty general. There are moments out there that you can never think to put on a list because it happens in an instant, unexpectedly and so spontaneously. And those moments are usually just simple ones, but become the ones you remember forever. Do you find one of your bucket list in mine? Maybe our Venn diagram regarding travel bucket list intersects!

Happy Weekend,