Though Paris always have that vibe, but Neri and I both know it’s time to get out of the city because French countryside is just irresistible. So for our last days in France, we decided to take Versailles and Provins by the bull! Okay, Versailles is just 45 minutes train ride out of Paris but still…. it was real cold and we haven’t acclimated well to it.

Versailles was actually a quite impromptu visit,

we headed out after a morning in Marche aux Puces de Saint Ouen which is this huge flea market that has more markets (OMG Fleamarketception!), each with their own specialty. We passed by a market that sells vintage furnitures with price tags of thousands of euros. Another one that sells hundreds of 1EUR vintage postcards (Neri and I died a little inside…we’re both huge fan of postcards). And finally settled in Marché Dauphine. I haven’t been to many flea markets but I really love this one, heck I love every single I have been to. Each corner promises treasure, each nook offers rare findings. At last, I decided on a vintage Asia map that puts a hole in my wallet of 20EUR. I know I’ll be damned if I didn’t get it and I know I have to carry it around my luggage for 7 more weeks. It’s that worth it.

So, after a full belly of Subway of the Day, we braved the cold for Versailles quite late in the afternoon and took a train there. When we got off, it was REALLY freezing for us and somehow we WALKED from the station to Château de Versailles! It was my second time, the first time was under scorching summer of August, so I really felt the difference. This time around, it wasn’t so crowded due to the cold and it was a holiday when I went the first time. The castle was gorgeous and divine, I couldn’t imagine that someone actually lived there. It’s just so lavish, so extravagant, so posh, so….much.

The garden was also really nice although the greens were “asleep” due to the season and I’m sure that the garden would be more enchanting and pleasant in the summer. But with our 7-year-old mentality, we had so much fun cracking half-frozen water of the garden’s many fountains with our noses runny (eeeek). So. Much. Fun.

I also did a LINE video call with my family back home outside of the palace (we found free Wifi). Gloves off. It was freezing but really, what I’d do for a glimpse of my lovely folks.

After a cuppa hot chocolate, bites of pain au chocolate and quiche for Neri, and 45 minutes of evening nap back to Paris, we were recharged (nah kidding, our feet were about to fall off) and went to Le Printemps. Le Printemps is a huge department store, similar to the tourist-infested Galeries Lafayette without all the tourists and massive buses. It is a short walk from Lafayette but I personally prefer it because they have Citadium, which is targeted for youths and filled with pure awesomeness (and last remnants of Christmas discounted apparels!)

But our targets weren’t the 10eur Cheap Monday nor the 12eur Yankees snapbacks. We went straight to this little vintage photobox and went home with a full belly of Chinese food warmth and big smile on our faces!